February 5, 2017

About us

Hi, I’m Alex Timman

I’m a professional poker player, starting at the 1ct/2ct tables when I was 17 up to dominating the highest stakes sng’s and making millions of dollars.

I’ve played over 2M hands of poker over 8 years and learned by making every possible mistake you can make. Poor game selection, not spending time studying, tilting, playing marathon sessions to get unstuck. The last years I have spent studying poker theory with my buddy Derek Burfoot, KGBKing. We’ve delved into and analyzed every board texture and situation you can imagine.


Why we created winningflips

Its easy to dream of making money and traveling the world playing poker. But how do you actually do it? Where can you actually find coaching material that you can trust? I have seen most coaching material around and its all outdated or not to the point.

The problem is that most of these coaches don’t fully understand poker themselves, and are only well known for beating the games in earlier years. The advice given is way too simplistic or vague.

At winningflips, we help players from all levels, from those players just getting started to those who are already established high stakes regs, to up their game and increase their profits.

We dive into the exact strategies we use, and tell you exactly how to construct your ranges in every spot and adjust them to your opponent. Our players get the absolute best quality coaching, far superior to any other stable or training site.