February 5, 2017

Video packs


For poker players from all levels that want to upgrade their fundamentals and make more money. Lotte Lenya explaining his systems for pre flop and flop strategy.

If you ever feel lost on turn and river spots and keep getting into these guessing game situations, you are not alone. I used to struggle with this for a long time. It was a constant guessing game on rivers. I would make seemingly great river bluffs but always get called, or become too passive on future streets and get pushed out of every pot after making my c-bet.

The problem actually lies on earlier streets. Pre flop and flop are the two most important streets in poker because every turn or river situation develops out of it. If you make even a slight mistake in these ranges, it will have devastating effects on your turn and river decisions. Even if you are great at hand reading, feeling your opponent and making river decisions, if you don’t get there with the right ranges you’re bound to make huge mistakes.

Similarly, even if you’re not the most experienced player or the best hand reader, if you can get pre flop and flop strategy right, you will be able to beat almost all of your opponents simply because your fundamentals are better.

I have beat many really great poker players playing my B-game this way. I occasionally get hero called or bluffed, but I keep getting to turns and river’s with super solid ranges that are simply unbeatable, and I crush them long term.

In this pack you will find no vague, simplistic or feel based information. I will tell you exactly the system I use myself to construct my pre flop and flop ranges.

This pack includes:

– Pre flop and flop theory explained in depth, my own system of considerations I use to construct my flop and pre flop ranges

– Theory demonstrated on several board textures

– 2 video’s of Lotte playing and analyzing.

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